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The Great Rubber Band Wars of 1965

Unfortunately, this method only works in the largest of rubber band wars. For more conservative battles of two to ten people, a much stealthier approach must be taken. Simply charging all five of your soldiers at the enemy will result in a really quick war where everyone's out of bands in five minutes, and you're all sitting there wondering how this could have been more fun. The most effective approach is sabotage.

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Well-placed, well-trained snipers to maintain an impenetrable defense. Silent agents who eliminate enemy troops before they even know they are under attack.

Semi-auto Rubber Band Pistol

Swift soldiers who swoop into an area and establish an effective perimeter before any enemies can take defensive action. This is the modern rubber band battlefield, and unless you play by its rules, you will die by their sword.

The Rubber Band War Awakens

There are two ways I know how to shoot and I call them sky attack and ground attack to preform sky attack you need both hands. This picture will show you how it should look: For the ground attack I don't have a picture but it is easy to explain first grasp the rubber band in the first line of your pinky then bring both sides around your thumb and then put it on your index finger make sure while doing this to have a gun shape in your hand.

The main objective in rubber band warfare is territory control. From all of us here at Vortex Optics we wish you a happy and safe new year!

Fall is Here - The Breakroom Reuben gets overzealous with his office duties. The Jack O'Lantern Mark wins the pumpkin carving contest yet again. Fall is Here - The Delivery Always stock your supplies before heading out on a hunt.

Rubber Band War (00:49)

Fall is Here - The Attachment Hunting fever is quickly spreading around the office. Gravel Road Life happens - we've got your back for life.

Rubber band wars are serious - Offerpop Office Photo | Glassdoor

This is Awesome Make every moment awesome. Can You Feel the Love? Your stories, our motivation. The Duct Tape Scope It makes multi-tasking that much more important. Rubber Band War A special visitor shows our sales staff who's the pro at packing heat. Hand Sanitizer The importance of hand sanitizer Man in the Booth:

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