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Amazing Spider-Man (1999-2013) #565

Looking for the one superhero comic you just have to read? Amazing Spider-Man is the cornerstone of the Marvel Universe.

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This is where you'll find all the big-time action, major storylines and iconic Spider-Man magic you'd come to expect from the Wall-Crawler. Revenge of the Green Goblin ; Peter Parker: Spider-Man 25, Norman Osborn is mad, bad and very dangerous to know!

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And as the addled villain battles to strengthen his fragile grip on reality, he summons the will to again plague the life of Peter Parker - and the Green Goblin takes to the skies once more! The timing couldn't be worse for Spider-Man, as he grieves for a lost loved one, and Osborn has more on his mind than revenge - he wants Parker as his heir!

And as if one of the greatest Goblin stories of all time isn't enough, Spidey must face a showdown with the Spider-Slayer, a squabble with the Squid and an encounter with the Enforcers! But whatever happened to Mary Jane? Collects Amazing Spider-Man Spider-Man meets Ezekiel, a man with powers very similar to his own who knows more about them than even Spidey himself does! What hidden secrets about Spider-Man's powers will be unearthed?

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Spider-Man comes to understand that not all heroes possess great powers. Meanwhile, Aunt May struggles with her discovery of Peter's greatest secret. Now, she's back in New York -- for one night only -- and Peter has the chance to make things right. But when Spider-Man becomes embroiled in a battle against the child-abducting menace called the Shade, the opportunity slips from his desperate grasp.

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With Aunt May in tow, Peter heads west for one last try at redemption. In California, the unexpected appearance of Doctor Octopus draws Spider-Man into a grudge match between the tentacled terror and a mysterious upstart armed with Otto Octavius's own mechanical appendages. Caught in the crossfire, Peter faces a gut-wrenching choice: Starfleet Academy 3 of 5 snoboat.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game - Kraven Boss Fight

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