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It would make a good gift for those guys who can appreciate this stuff. May 02, Jennifer rated it it was ok Shelves: Received for review What impressed me: I'm no poetry fan, but I could get through this book easily and managed to be mildly entertained for the most part. The novelty of McGackin's voice wears off about four poems in. If feels like it's supposed to be really funny, but completely misses the mark landing nearer unusual.

Broetry proves poetry can be written for the masses, but it failed to strike a chord in me.

It's only appeal is in its quirki Why read: It's only appeal is in its quirkiness. Aug 07, Krista CubicleBlindness Reviews rated it it was ok. Well this one just didn't fit me at all. I only liked two of the poems included in this book. I can see how this book would appeal to men as it is mostly full of dating, drinking and sex poems.

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I think I was hoping to find more of an insight to a guy's brain but as usual lost interest very fast. I am going to pass this one on to friends and Well this one just didn't fit me at all. I am going to pass this one on to friends and hope it finds a good home.

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Oct 03, Sarah Rosenberger rated it liked it Shelves: When I opened it up to find the first page was an homage to "Lying in a Hammock" that managed to stay true to the great bait-and-switch ending of the original, I got super excited. Unfortunately, Broetry got a lot more uneven from there, but thanks to several inspired moments, it ended up being a decently funny little book.

Good for college kids, especially English majors. Aug 15, Jane rated it really liked it. I borrowed this book as a joke and while some of it was what I expected some of it was really poignant and some of it made me sad and some of it made me laugh and some of it was shockingly well done. I don't even care that I probably looked like a total douche while reading it. Jul 14, Winnifred rated it really liked it. Although I'm not a "dude", I actually understand some of this stuff!! Aug 09, Ryan rated it really liked it Shelves: Sure its a little gimicky, but its fun and still true to forms.

Oct 09, Zoraida rated it it was amazing. A wonderfully witty journey of adolescence to modern sort of manhood. May 03, Nelson Holmes rated it did not like it Shelves: Heavy profanity, misogyny, objectification, and disagreeable perspectives exemplify this, I guess publication is appropriate. While it is instructive to learn more about an idea, perspective, or population through the thing's own words I'm not sure this is the best place to start. Apr 15, Lyndsi rated it liked it. Not for me but I can see why it is funny. Dec 26, Jennifer rated it liked it. A bit juvenile in the humor.

Jun 10, Jennifer Newman rated it it was amazing. This guy is a genius. Makes poetry actually fun to read and he can put together a great lyric. May 06, Noah Barnett rated it really liked it. Picked it up for a dollar on humble bundle. I liked the storm trooper poem, and the ones about Bruce Willis. Dec 26, Raya rated it liked it Shelves: If, say, I was the average college frat boy I believe beer-binging, video gaming, girls, and sex go hand-in-hand with common frat-boy associations —or even the 'common' dude or dudette—I might be more apt to relate to broetry.

Or, in the very least, strangle my bro-bias long enough for it to temporarily check out, long enough for me to yank my brain out of snobville, and thus surrender what I appreciate about "regular poetry" McGackin's phrase, not mine. I questioned if I am one of those peop If, say, I was the average college frat boy I believe beer-binging, video gaming, girls, and sex go hand-in-hand with common frat-boy associations —or even the 'common' dude or dudette—I might be more apt to relate to broetry.

I questioned if I am one of those people: Or, perhaps, I am a little too disapproving of the typical bro I did admit to harboring a bias, okay. Broetry is poetry that's right for you. Broetry is a literary chili cheeseburger. I know, but I don't like chili cheeseburgers—not even the literary kind. This has been a failed persuasion, McGackin, so go ahead: What this boils down to, really, is that I am not part of the intended target audience. If this was instead titled, "I'm sorry I can't hang out this weekend, but I have a busy schedule of doing nothing by myself: I'd feel a connection between me and the book, but because I have little in common with Broetry's content Well, the hook is there yet no bait to draw me in, put simply.

Broetry is—even after all I have said, you best believe it—amusing. To pull a few examples from the book directly: I will not readily buy into that it's-so-dumb-it's-genius brouhaha, but Broetry may work for you when the need to read lighter material strikes. Broetry is poetry that may not be right for you. You won't know if you like it until you try it. Jul 16, Mishel Forte rated it really liked it Shelves: I admit I can't quite remember the poetry lessons I had in school I don't remember all the different type of poems or the technicalities of creative writing so take what you will from my review.

Broetry is basically for the men in the world who don't like poetry From a person who enjoys all forms of humor, be it crude and vulgar to cute and corny, I found Broetry to be full of funny moments ranging from laugh-out-loud to indiscreet smiles. I even recognized some of the poetic forms McGackin used and found them clever and interesting. And I may not be able to relate to everything in the poems I still found them funny as hell! As I was reading through the short collection of poems I found myself marking pages of my favorites and wanting to share them with everyone.

Some of them include: It was interesting to see a guy's perspective on the uneasy subject abou fidelity. The poems were also broken up into parts, or time periods, of a person or man's life. It started with high school, through college graduation, to "real life" with a "quarter-life" crisis thrown in for fun! The subject of the poems varied, sometimes wildly, and I just had a blast reading them all. Broetry is a keeper in my opinion. It may not be the best collection of poems but its a book that I know will bring a smile to my face when I need it.

It's clever, funny, cute, and just plain fun! And yes, it can be educational because it does show some of different examples of poetic writing. I also think it will accomplish its goal and hit home with its target audience: Jul 28, Juliet Wilson rated it really liked it Shelves: Who can speak for Everyman? Who will articulate his love for Xbox , fo Mama Celeste's frozen pizza, for the cinematic oeuvre of Bruce Willis?

So there's an instant problem for me here, I'm not a dude and I love poetry. So for this review, I used the services of C 'As contemporary poets sing the glories of birds, birch trees, and menstruation, regular guys are left scratching their heads. So for this review, I used the services of Crafty Green Boyfriend, who doesn't like poetry unless I wrote it!

Crafty Green Boyfriend could relate to many of the poems, including Final Final Fantasy though his weakness is computer games rather than video games per se and When Patrick Stewart Rules the World actually I think Crafty Green Boyfriend for a while thought Patrick Stewart did rule the world.

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Being a biologist, but not a fan of peanut butter in any form, Crafty Green Boyfriend was very entertained by On the Origin of Reese's a poem in 14 parts on the natural selection and development of peanut butter cups. He was also totally entertained by Modern Day Heroics, in which the narrator uses his skills at removing spiders from a room to win a woman even though I'm not scared of spiders! I also enjoyed the poems here, they are engaging and clever and written on topics that most people specially dudes can relate to. Plus there's a good, self deprecating sense of humour in here: And admit it, you could be more cultured; you just picked up a book called Broetry.

Or even those who do. Jul 11, Lori rated it liked it Shelves: Say so long to the flowery, romantic, whimsically girly prose you've become accustomed to! Brian McGackin's laying down brand new rhymes that speak to the heart of all of us With a manly flair, Brian pulls much of the content for his broems from past experiences - spelling out his dating horror stories, addiction to video games and beer, and unhealthy obsession for Taylor Swift for us in neat, concise lines that drive straight through to the heart of it all.

Usually referred to as "zero," "nonexistent," or "the same as that of Hell freezing over," her family still calls it "pretty good. I don't know why, but I had fully anticipated opening this book up and finding myself bombarded with a collection of pensive poems about farting, and scratching, and masturbating. And to be honest, I am a bit disappointed that I didn't come across much of that.

What the hell does that say about me?!! My personal perversions aside, this book is a must buy for the man in your life. As a stocking stuffer, birthday gift, anniversary present Many thanks to Eric over at Quirk Books for making this review copy available to me. I look forward to reading more of their catalog in the future.

Broetry, a new form of storytelling lighting up LinkedIn

Jul 17, Kelly rated it it was amazing. That's the best word I can come up with to describe Broetry. I majored in creative writing in college, and my emphasis was on poetry. Hilarious poems about being a bro and other bro topics. Great idea by the author! I enjoyed the time-based layout of the book, too - it's not a book full of poems about flowers, written by someone trying to seem cool; it's a book of poetry by a writer with an authentic voice, who's writing about events and time periods in his life.

Given this is McGackin's freshman piece, there are definitely things that don't work a few obviously-written-for-class pieces, notably a riff on "Two Roads diverged.. I suspect the 1-star reviewers like their poetry stuffier; ie, less sex, less fun, and more like all the convoluted flower-related poetry out in the marketplace see the bonus poems after the Acknowledgement sections for more on this..

What I'm saying is, you'll love this, or you'll hate it - but you won't be ambivalent, and that's what's really awesome. Looking forward to the next book. Best reading a bro can do. With a name like Broetry, you might expect this book to be lumped in with frat-house bathroom reading like "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell", but Broetry is a smart, witty, beautifully constructed collection of poems about things that appeal to the modern dude. Everything from beer to Captain America to Taylor Swift's hotness so hot is covered in an incredibly unique and clever way. I give it two thumbs up or five stars or whatever.

Plus, the writer has a master's degree in poetry from USC, so it's not like he's just some schlub writing dirty limmericks. As an actual fan and reader of poetry and a 26 year old heterosexual male I really enjoyed this book but gay guys and girls will probably like it too. This is the perfect gift for a guy in your life. It's simple but funny - and appropriately priced. I couldn't resist giving it a read-through myself before I wrapped it for my friend.

Broetry, a new form of storytelling lighting up LinkedIn |

My friend loved it - he actually took the time to read it shock, I know. And it's been sitting on his bookshelf ever since. No pretentious BS, just good stories told with choice words. The mix of college drama, popular superheroes, and single-guy angst was pretty funny to read and had me sharing them with some of the guys I work with. Having said that, I don't think you have to be a single guy to enjoy these poems; they are light-hearted and funny and can be enjoyed by anyone with a sense of humor about contemporary society. This little book of poetry is very much a satirical look at young adulthood and popular culture.

LinkedIn Bro Poetry Pretty Much Sums Up 2017

Yes, there is some strong language and references to drinking, but it's a Bro's view on his life! For the audience and purpose in the poetry, I got a good laugh and think a few of my coworkers have picked up their own copy as well. I really enjoyed this little collection of poems and can pretty much open it up at any time and get a good chuckle. Besides, who said poetry had to be serious and philosophical all the time?

Where would we be without a good satire to highlight things in our society we don't always readily recognize. Cummings poems recited from memory by Tony Robbins. Broetry was initially popularized by the type of growth markers and entrepreneurs who make up the majority of power publishers on the platform. Most users report seeing the trend begin sometime around September or October.

But, according to several heavy LinkedIn users, in recent weeks the format has become so dominant that even average middle managers in Ohio are posting these strange status updates. He now dedicates time every Sunday to drafting his prose. He estimates that an average broem garners him between , to , views, miles above any type of content he posted before. Kennedy says that opening himself up and talking more about his struggles—and overcoming them—has led to new connections and sales contacts he may have never previously made.

The formatting of these stories is just as critical as the content within them.