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Marriage in the Resurrection: The Deeper Meaning | Spiritual Insights for Everyday Life

Right now your pride and ego are getting in the way. They get stronger when you feel angry, frustrated, resentful, bitter, and just plain mad. They tell you that you are right and he is wrong. Pride and ego are really powerful.

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But underneath that hardness is your heart and your spirit that just wants to feel loved, to be understood and respected, to feel like you are important. We eventually turn away instead of continuing to turning toward them to heal the relationship. Being honest about what you really want means tuning into your spirit and listening to your heart. And believing that is NOT a sign of weakness.

Will You be Married to Your Spouse in Heaven?

So you may be thinking that your situation is beyond help right now. You may be thinking, well, it takes two to make this work, and my husband would never go to a counselor, a coach or marriage therapist. And those are great starts, but what actions have you taken? Did you finish that book? Did you use the strategies you learned in the seminar? But we all know the sooner you get some help, the sooner things will get better. And if your husband is unwilling, you can still get help for yourself that will make a difference.

Sometimes it really only takes one person to make a change.

6 Steps to Resurrect a Dead Marriage

If you change even one part of that equation, you will get a different outcome. And the only part you have the power to change is YOU — your actions and your reactions. So if you want some help and are not sure where to turn, you are already here. And if by chance you are just not ready to take that step, then please join me in my private Facebook Group.

In other words, when behaviors are changed.

What was the view of marriage being discussed?

Relationships change when people change. And God is the only One in the people-changing business. Whenever Debbie and I find ourselves in the everyday marriage doldrums so-to-speak, this is the process that helps us find our way out. Stephen has been blogging since , and he enjoys writing honestly and openly about married life.

He and Debbie are high school sweethearts and have been married for 22 years.

They love dogs, sea turtles, the ocean, warm beaches, meaningful conversation, a rich cup of coffee, an inspiring movie, a good steak, and planning their next vacation. Your email address will not be published. This article is very timely for me. I have friend who are struggling with their marriage.

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  7. Yes, I have been praying for them daily. It is so hard to watch others struggle in their marriage. Stephen Buckner Stephen has been blogging since , and he enjoys writing honestly and openly about married life. Posted on Sunday, April 1, We never once reached out for counseling in our past. Maybe it was the fear of sharing our intimate details with a complete stranger.

    There were times I felt dysfunctional, like we were the only couple with issues. I allowed Satan to attack my mind with doubts and feelings of worthlessness. Listen to me and receive this in the name of Jesus: My husband and I sought the help of godly counselors who in turn placed in our hands godly resources, and held us biblically accountable for decisions within our marriage.

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    AND as if that was not enough, God said I am not only going to bring that marriage back to life, but I am going to use your story to give hope to others that need a touch of that same resurrection power in their marriages! We've got two events in May, will you join us in Kinston or Pikeville, North Carolina to work on the masterpiece of your marriage? FamilyLife's Weekend to Remember gave us God's blueprint for marriage and continues to strengthen and transform it, it can change yours, too!

    Book with our group and sail away with us! Intentionally Yours is a c 3 organization committed to sharing God's truth, hope and vision for marriage until every home is a godly home. Will you partner with us in this mission? Thank you for your support! Intentionally Yours is committed to sharing God's truth, hope and vision for marriage until every home is a godly home.

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    Home Until every home is a Godly home The Death of Our Marriage Our marriage relationship was crumbling. Intentionally Yours Intentionally Yours is committed to sharing God's truth, hope and vision for marriage until every home is a godly home. Get Updates from Us!