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Research shows that meaning in life comes from the stories we tell ourselves about our lives. Ever tried writing that story down? People who wrote about the history of their lives were 11 percent more likely to feel happy with their lives and 17 percent more likely to feel optimistic about the future. Knowing your family tree gets you a bump in satisfaction as well.

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People who were interested in their family and ethnic histories were 6 percent more likely to feel satisfied with their lives. Children who know the stories of those who came before them have higher self-esteem and a sense of control over their lives. Marshall and Robyn asked those questions of four dozen families in the summer of , and also taped several of their dinner table conversations.

More on how to shape the story of your own life here. People who could identify a goal they were pursuing were 19 percent more likely to feel satisfied with their lives and 26 percent more likely to feel positive about themselves. Those who are passionate about something score higher across the board on positive psychological indicators.


Elderly individuals who were harmoniously passionate scored higher on various indicators of psychological adjustment, such as life satisfaction, meaning in life, and vitality, while they reported lower levels of negative indicators of psychological adjustment such as anxiety and depression. A consistent amount of minor success produces much more satisfaction than occasionally bagging an elephant. Life satisfaction is 22 percent more likely for those with a steady stream of minor accomplishments than those who express interest only in major accomplishments.

Having grit was associated with more life satisfaction. The capacity to continue trying despite repeated setbacks was associated with a more optimistic outlook on life in 31 percent of people studied, and with greater life satisfaction in 42 percent of them. More about setting goals the right way here. We fix our eyes on Jesus, "and all the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of His glory and grace.

Simpson testified, "I have found a heaven below, and I am living in the glory…" Our attitude then becomes: In this state, we do not regard ourselves as having arrived, or having become perfect, but we press for the higher call of God in Christ Jesus: We hunger and thirst for more of God. They are eager for spiritual realities…They are athirst for God and will not be satisfied until they have drunk deep at the fountain of Living Water.

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Genesis 1 is such a record of life. Before the fourth day, the days were not so solid.

On the fourth day, God made the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night. Then the day was solidly separated from the night.

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The human life came in after the fourth day, after all the four steps of separation. After these steps of separation were completed, God was able to make man according to His image and likeness.

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The human life, which has the image and likeness of God, is the highest created life. God created man after His likeness.

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All the other lives are after their kind.