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Also, put out a crudite platter as an appetizer. I totally agree with your approach!

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My kids are 6, 3 and just turned 1. We do all of the above, and when you ask my 3 year old what we should have for dinner, she regularly asks for brussel sprouts! I've found a couple of tricks, the first being the pretty common one to get kiddo in the kitchen. He's always willing to try something he made.

He may not like it this time, but he may like it next at least, that's what I keep telling myself, lol. I've also found he's FAR more likely to get down on the veggies at dinner when he's had less sugar earlier in the day.

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Maybe snack serves to prime his palate one way or the other? My son is Autisic. I hope this will help me get some veg in him. Any tips on how to convince an autistic child to try, eat, and enjoy veggies?

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I've always served veggies at meals, and always required my kids to try some of everything. Now that they are older, they will still obediently try a bite or two of the required veggie, but I would prefer they would eat an entire serving of a couple veggies at each meal How I've increased their veggie servings is to serve veggies with each meal and let them choose which two to take No problem, choose broccoli! While this may not get them to learn to like new veggies and we are kinda past the window for that as teenagers it does get them to eat more veggies!

I always told my kids "You must eat all your colours, every day. I started a garden with my kids.

I found that if they help grow their food they are more willing to taste what their hard work and patience has produced.