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Los Indios Tabajaras - Maria Elena (1963)

Because the "me" that i used to know and be, used to not mind explaining and telling a story from beginning to the end. Even if it means repeating myself many times. Now, i just summarise and if orang tu faham, then good. Kalau dia tak faham, i won't repeat or explain further. I just biar je. Told my husband about it, and it's as if we switched personalities. He was supposed to be the Introvert, and me the Extrovert. Now, i'm the Introvert and he's the Extrovert.

He sees his friends more than i've ever seen mine. He's even more active on whatsapp than i am! I nak reply whatsapp kat my own family group pun rasa macam terpaksa. I used to be able to talk to anyone, strangers and friends. Now, i stay away from strangers and only choose to talk to people i know personally. Take an example from recent raya open house.

I had to 'mingle' around, and i found it so difficult and uncomfortable. I just wanted to go home and relax. But i forced myself to because i told myself i don't want to sabotage myself. And at the end of the day, i was soooo tired and i fell asleep super early. I told my husband about it, and he said, that was how he felt at social settings. My husband said it's probably because i've been alone for a long time, that i have probably adapted the introvert personality.

So i took the personality test at 16personalities. I'm an introvert now! It is strange because i literally am really different than before, and i didn't know it! To be honest, the whole purpose of me doing this blogpost was to write about how lazy i am at explaining myself to people, to the point that i become super lazy at sharing stuff on social media, but i force myself anyway because i thought i was sabotaging myself. Even my kids don't want to hang out with me because i'm boring and garang.

Friday, April 13, Peargirlsproblem gone out of control! Wah lama gila tak update blog! In case you didn't know, i have been updating my videos quite frequently, and the podcast is on every week!

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This is my recent vlog -. Other than that, my personal mission right now is to lose weight and this is something i don't share anywhere else bahaha! I just want my pear shaped body to look less I just wanna lose fat from waist down because even i get distracted by how distracting it is. It's like, no matter how loose my clothing is, it will always be obvious, and i really hate that!

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What's the point kita beli baju besar besar, keep wasting money, if my backside don't wanna control itself kan. I punya la nak jaga aurat, tapi si bonbon ni taknak berhijrah lagi. Since i cannot afford liposuction yes, i considered it! And being a pear shape, memang bottom half ni la paling susaaaaaahhhh nak turun.

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I've been controlling my diet too and alhamdulillah ok la, boleh control lagi. Doakan ek i boleh lose weight so that i can cover my aurat better! If you have succeeded getting rid of lower half punya fat, please please advise me on how you did it! Tuesday, December 26, My first Weekly Vlog! I've stopped making youtube videos couple of years ago because of these reasons: I didn't want to give people some 'ammo' to diss my husband, saying he doesn't "didik bini dia". I got comments like "kesian bapak dia" and stuff, and those comments yang actually made me reflect on 1. I got lazy too.

Recording wasn't as easy as it is now. Dulu camera takde flip screen. Many times i shot videos that were out of focus and tak dengar, so i gave up.

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After so long, and 2 kids later, baru i rasa macam "this isn't going to be as hard as before. I recently start making short videos on instagram ummipeliks and i felt like i can have fun doing it now. And then i got a new camera sebab my old one dirosakkan ehem.. It's an EOS M6, in case you're wondering. So then, i began shooting some shots and then got inspired to make a weekly vlog, because daily is too crazy and most likely be boring.

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Tuesday, December 19, UnitedMomsClub: So we've made 3 parts for our podcast talking about Autism with our friend and guest, Aishah Amin. Just a lil bit of background, Aishah's eldest son is moderately autistic. Los Angeles , California. Retrieved October 13, Retrieved November 21, Archived from the original on 30 March Retrieved 12 June Living a Life without Secrets".

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Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Barcelona in the s. The Shadows performed an instrumental version of this song on their album Jigsaw. Ry Cooder performed an instrumental version of this song on his album Boomer's Story.

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German guitarist Dieter Geike recorded an instrumental version on his album Homeland. Dick Dale also performed an instrumental version on his album Unknown Territory. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.