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We must learn to turn on our receivers and tune in to the messages being sent. The prophet Micah said that he "saw" the Word of the Lord Micah 1: How did he see this word? The New International Version of the Bible calls this a vision. Micah likely saw images or pictures projected on the screen of his mind, which communicated God's word to him.

If we compare the communication of the Spirit of the Lord through dreams to other methods of divine communication mentioned in Scripture—prophecy, a word of knowledge, etc. The dream at the beginning of this chapter was a prophetic word, not only to those nations where I was ministering but also to the Body of Christ. The four angels, or "Four Horsemen of Awakening," are being sent to earth to assist the Church in bringing a last days revival and harvest.

Unlike the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse described in the book of Revelation, which bring death, war, famine and conquest, these angels are being sent for breakthrough, revival and miracles. They were on a golf course, for Paul speaks of finishing the course. The crocodile was a symbol of leviathan Job 41 , which represents a spiritual force of darkness that tries to threaten, intimidate and delay God's purposes from moving forward. The key to the dream was that the angels were waiting for something in order to confront the opposition and be able to advance.

What were they waiting for? They were waiting for the church to arise and pray, to engage in the battle with them so the final celebration could take place. God still speaks today through dreams and visions, but only those who have their hearts and spirits tuned to His Spirit will hear and receive all that God has for them. Excerpted from Jane Hamon's book, Dreams and Visions: She and her husband, Tom, have been in ministry together for more than 30 years and are the senior leaders of Vision Church and Christian International Ministries.

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    How God Speaks to Us through Dreams and Visions

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    Get in Your Inbox. Charisma News - Informing believers with news from a Spirit-filled perspective. Recorded for future generations to read, that famous spiritual dream is just one of many in history. One night I believe God sent me a dream to answer my prayers about my mom, who had died a few years before.

    Missing her intently, I had asked God to send her my love and to let me know something about what she was doing in heaven. That night I dreamed I saw my mom in a busy airport. Mom, who was known for her love of travel, was riding an escalator upward, on her way to a new adventure. When she sensed me looking at her, she turned around and smiled at me, communicating without words that she was enjoying the afterlife and sent me love, but had to go for now.

    When she stepped off the escalator and out of sight, I felt a tremendous sense of peace and joy mixed together, even though I still missed her and wished I could follow her.

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    You never know when God may reach out to you through a dream; it could happen anytime. The ways God or his angels may communicate with you in dreams include:. God or one of his messengers may send you an innovative idea through a dream. Many scientific breakthroughs and artistic projects throughout history have resulted from dreams.

    God Still Uses Dreams to Speak to You, but There's a Catch — Charisma News

    For example, physicist Niels Bohr, who won a Nobel Prize for discovering the structure of the atom, dreamed about that structure first and then confirmed it through lab tests. Solutions for problems in your life may come to you in your dreams as God answers your prayers for guidance.

    Talking about dreams in English – Free English speaking lesson

    Inventor Madame CJ Walker prayed for help solving the problem of her hair falling out after a scalp infection. Then she dreamed of an angelic man who showed her the specific ingredients she needed to create a hair care product that would help. Famous adventurer Bear Grylls said that he dreamed about falling for 18 months straight after he broke his back in a skydiving accident, and those dreams helped him recover emotionally and regain his courage.

    Bestselling novelist Stephen King has said that his nightmares not only give him ideas for his horror books, they also act like mirrors that show him issues he should address in his life. Sometimes divine warning dreams predict a future event, as well. For instance, former U. Perhaps the most common type of divine message delivered during dreams is encouragement.

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    • Olympian Edwin Moses reported that he had a series of encouraging dreams prior to a meter hurdling race that gave him both the peace and confidence he needed to run well.