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Average time for construction of a new home by construction style: Average time for the construction of a new home based on region and metro: Other than the type of home being built, the region and type of environment in which the home is being built is the largest factor affecting construction time. The averages calculated are for new home construction projects, from start of construction through final walkthrough.

In other words, the pre-construction and permit-approval processes is finalized and complete and, therefore, not included in the averages. Although knowing what to expect may not speed up the process, it might just help you maintain your sanity. That means clearing trees, rocks and other items, rough grading and leveling for the foundation.

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Getting proper approvals and permits can also cause delays. Environment Depending on where the home will be, building times can be affected by region of the country — homes in the Middle Atlantic Region averages about 9. Construction in metropolitan areas is usually quicker — seven months, compared to nine months in more rural areas.

Changing the Plan Change orders will usually extend the build time, especially if they occur in the latter part of the process. Di Natale also notes that when buyers wait until the last minute to choose their finishes, this can cause delays.

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After all, throughout the construction process, there will be many decisions that you must make along the way. Construction Style The style of your home will also influence construction time.

Custom-built homes average 10 to 16 months, while personalized production plans average four to six months. Because the floor plans used by production builders have been built many times before, there are generally fewer delays.

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So what can you do to make sure the construction of your new home is as painless as possible? Collaboration is the key: Delays in construction may be a fact of life, but knowing what to expect and how to manage your expectations can help make the building process less stressful.

Find your dream home now. Building a home is an exciting journey — with a rewarding outcome. But, first you have to understand how much it costs to build a home.

How Long Does It Take to Build a Single-Family Home?

This article will help you understand the costs of building a new home and how that compares with the cost of buying and updating a resale home. The percent of single-family houses completed in stayed unsold at the first quarter of fell to 5 percent from 6 percent in , indicating an improving sale market for single family homes.

Im a builder in Dallas. I am at days from permits to finish. Thanks for the information. In the town of Verona N. Six months actually seems like a short time frame.

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I want to build a new build home, so mine might take a little longer. The graphs really helped a lot, thank you!

National Association of Home Builders Discusses Economics and Housing Policy

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